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A Melbourne private school is supporting a student’s choice to identify as a cat, as TikTok exposes the furries subculture gaining traction among some teens. The Herald Sun reports the.

The Partnership Middle School in Starkville is adding a furry faculty member to help ease kids into school. After 2 years of wearing masks, taking classes via zoom, and constantly staying 6 feet. CLAIM: The Waunakee Community School District in a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, has a “furry protocol” that allows students who identify as “furries” to opt out of speaking in class, sit and lick their paws during gym class and bark and growl in hallways. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The district does not have a protocol for students who.

Not So, Says School Official. Furries in the Times is a rare achievement. (Check the 1996 example at bottom of this story.) That isn’t simply debunking, it also has cultural potency for a post-truth era full of flat-earthism and Qanon cults. I can’t count how many headlines there were about one incident. One is just absurd, but it keeps.

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Furries are individuals who are especially interested in anthropomorphic or cartoon animals (e.g., Bugs Bunny). They often strongly identify with anthropomorphic animals and create fursonas, identities of themselves as those anthropomorphic animals. Some practice fursuiting, or wearing costumes that.

“Approximately 25% of furries have fursuits (they are prohibitively expensive) that might be worn for specific occasions, such as a furry convention or parade,” Roberts told The.

"Kids who identify as 'furries' get a litter box in the school bathroom," Ms. Maddock wrote in a Facebook post sharing the video of the board meeting. "Parent heroes will TAKE BACK our schools." In.

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